Roller Toaster is a music blog that breaths indie; In regards to indie, we mean everything that is included within the boundless category umbrella. From indie pop to jangle and from brit-pop to lo-fi.

Roller Toaster is divided into two main categories:

  • Rolling: Aiming to present current single reviews of what we love most, or if you prefer ‘our’ indie bangers! Reviews will be brief and to the point, cause our aim is not to tire the reader/listener, but actually encourage YOU to press the play button! Rolling may also run exclusive premieres!
  • Toasting: Random picks of indie faves from the recent past, but also from 80s, 90s(!) & 00’s! We firmly believe that there cannot be present, neither future without the past. In other words, what has shaped Roller Toaster in its prevailing status & taste!

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