Rolling with… Former Lives – Alderson Loop (Feat. Montclaire)

Feeling ready for the ultimate, new wave-y, indie pop bliss of this summer by the up-and-coming, dreamy new wave-influenced project Former Lives, started by producer and songwriter Sean Joseph Klassen and his dog (!), Bruce Beagle

Alderson Loop‘ is the 190-second opening magnum opus of Former Lives’ 5-track debut EP ‘Ceremony of Leaving‘, in which the love of analog synths, addictive “bubble-gum” hooks, dream pop, and The Smiths cannot be hidden. According to the press release “the song plays around with computing metaphors as a way to describe insecurities about becoming too old and obsolete“, and the angelic backing vocals by Montclaire lift off this gem to the indie pop heaven of eternal bliss! Embrace these new romantics, like there’s no tomorrow….


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