Rolling with… USE – Clam

The first thought that instantly sprang in mind while watching the latest USE‘s video for ‘Clam‘, was 1970’s, Greek romantic, softcore flick “Love on a Horse” (“To koritsi kai t’ alogo“, original Greek title) with the then beauty Anna Fonsou, directed by Vangelis Serdaris.

The stunning video contains lush artistic nudity, and as for the sound, it’s pure 90s indie rock in the vein of Breeders, with super tasty guitar hooks and lush vocals, while the lyrics are about “anyone struggling to be themselves amidst the chaotic judgement of the world and all of the opinions and control. When the people in charge can’t keep their hands out of your pants and you’re tired of it. It’s been happening your whole life so you rip your pants off, stand naked and crazy – dare them to “take it”. It being: their idea of what you must be.” All natural (the way we like!), indie rock!

Dan and Krystall are USE, and their art is a great example of freedom of expression!


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