Toasting… Splashh – All I Wanna Do

Hackney indie rock band Splashh never made it big, despite their impressive debut ‘Comfort‘ via Kanine Records, back in 2013 (could have been early 90s though!); But before this, there had been the smashing, debut single ‘All I Wanna Do‘ (Kissability, 2012).

223 seconds of absolute indie bliss, with a healthy dose of white noise (yup! its shoegaze-y!), heavy 90s indie character, divine, warm melodies, and above all unleashing an absolute sense of freedom & coolness; A freedom that’s been greatly missed the past 2 years with pandemic situation. Anyways, just hit the play button below, and sing-along:

“All I want to do, all I want to do is sit by the pool today and drink with you
Idle time away, idle time away, consume the day and find a reason to swim awaySweet cherry, extraordinary
Sweet cherry, extraordinaryAnother festival, another festival, combine our minds, it’s a rapture in disguise
Well I wonder if, well I wonder if the secret lies beneath your simple smileSweet cherry, extraordinary
Sweet cherry, extraordinary”


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