Rolling with… Meditative Animal – Social Gravity

Sunday evenings are always much better with laid-back, acoustic, indie folk delicacies like Meditative Animal‘s ‘Social Gravity‘.

Behind Meditative Animal is singer songwriter Nick Mirisola, frequently joined by other artists to fulfill his vision. The fundamental characteristics of Mirisola’s artistry are the originality and immediacy of his compositions, the wide range of influences from jazz to reggae and from indie to blues, (despite the fact this song is a pure indie folk treasure in the similar vein of great Jack Johnson!) and the DIY ethos, since this chap is behind everything, singing, writing music & lyrics, and even taking care of the cool artwork. The song is taken from late 2021’s self-titled album (what a grandiose opening!), and also features Nick’s brother John Dixon Mirisola & Kirsten Glidden. Just sit back & enjoy… and make sure you pay some attention to the lyrics!


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