Rolling with… Fontaines D.C. – Roman Holiday

Dublin’s best indie music export, Fontaines D.C. returned in 2022, with their most mature and best, 3rd album, ‘Skinty Fia‘ on Partisan Records, and ‘Roman Holiday‘ is among the definitive candidates for best indie rock track of 2022….

The immense power of the quintet’s album, and in particular this track’s, lies on the penetrative melodic line, that gets under the listener’s skin from its very first seconds, the melancholic, and best to date, vocal performance by Grian Chatten (without losing his coolness!), the bleeding guitar riffs, but most importantly lyrics that reflect 100% to this post-pandemic/war/global energy crisis etc. era for the young generation. Yup, at least restless youths have found their idols, their “voice”, and this is their magnum opus:

Baby come on get stoned get stoned

Get inside it inside it inside it inside

Get along get along get alone get alone

Heard about the week on the Dalymount seat yeah

Baby come on ‘fore the going gets gone

Heard you lied to the Major

Won’t be long

Well I wish upon a wedding for a picture in the star

When they knock for ya don’t forget who you are

Skinty Fia…”

Nope, this drive ain’t really no joyride by all means!


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