Rolling with… The Valery Trails – Introvert Blues

If bands like Guided By Voices or Built To Spill ring a bell to you, then you should definitely invest on The Valery Trails‘ ‘Introvert Blues‘! No kidding!

Andrew Bower (vocals/guitars), his brother Sean Bower (bass) and Dan McNaulty (drums) must have grown up listening to tons of 80s college rock, and 90s guitar-driven indie rock bands, judging by their ‘Introvert Blues’ single, which is an atypical homage to the glorious 80s/90s indie rock era. According to the press notes this dynamite “was written before the global pandemic, but the lyrics are on point for the lock-down life”, and apart from its volcanic guitars, there’s a wicked cowbell, no to mention the sick drum beat and the slacker stylized vocals. These dudes rock on, like there’s no tomorrow, and in the post-pandemic era, this is our hymn! “Blues for the extrovert


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